This book has been produced to encourage scuba divers to visit Jersey to explores the islands surrounding reefs, wrecks and shore sites. Possibly, helping us gather important marine conservation information. There are suggested routes and background information helping plan the dive and get the most out of the exploration of the varied sites. Suitable for different levels of experience. Its also a great way of sharing the experience with family and friends.

Some locations featured are unique places to spot rare and unusual species such as the Dorothy Anemone which is seen nowhere else in the British Isles.
Diagrams like the one shown above will help divers explore the wrecks, and the accompanying text shows how each site has its own unique story to tell. In some cases there is a mystery about why a vessel sank such as in the case of the Heron freighter: On a relatively calm night the ship veered off course colliding with the Pater Noster reef. It then sank rapidly taking with it several crew. The Captain and his wife spent hours in the water clinging to debris at the mercy of the current before being picked up by a boat bound for St Malo.
All proceeds will help continue the Jersey Seasearch Marine Conservation project.
(Copies are available through the co-ordinator or can be purchased by Credit Card or PAYPAL, price £16.95 plus a postage & packing charge of £2.25 for the UK,Total £19.20. Overseas on application)