Unidentified anemone Unidentified anemone

The Insurance Corporation are the only Channel Island Organisiation making a specific award for Conservation. We are proud to announce that we won 3 awards this year. Sam Blampied won two awards: The Insurance Corporation Award for Young Conservationist and also the Insurance Corporation Public Vote for the best project gaining 82% of the votes.
We also came runner-up for our Artificial Reef/ Atlantis project. The £1000 prize will be put towards our Survey costs. A big thank you to everyone who voted for us.
Our next 2017 Seasearch Observer Courses will be held on Friday, August 4th in the Arthur Mourant Room, Société Jersiaise (accessible from Pier Road) beginning at 18:00 until 21:00, followed by the 2nd part on Saturday, August 5th from 08:30 to 12:30. The Course will include an intoroduction to species, habitats and recording methods plus simulated observer surveying. An optional follow-on is the opportunity to make shore and boat dives with a team members. There will be full briefings, photographic coaching, recording techniques, analysis and write-ups. The cost is £50.
The Reef Survey Week 2017 is sponsored by the States of Jersey, Countryside Enhancement Scheme and the event is open to Qualified Seasearch Observers & Surveyors running from Sunday, August 12th to Saturday, August 18th. Please contact the Coordinator for details.
St Johns School Beach Day This was a big success and a big thank you to Bob Tompkins for his help showing the pupils the habits & species.
Monthly Meetings: Usually 1st Monday of the Month. The Marine Biology section of the Société Jersiaise provides a great deal of support for our group and usually meets on the first Monday of each month (except Bank Holidays) in the Arthur Mourant room, accessible via Pier Road at 7:30. During the meetings Jersey Seasearch and Shore_thing projects are discussed and reported on. A social meeting usually takes place afterwards at the Lamplighter in St Helier. New members to the section are welcome.
2017 Survey Dives & 32 Reports so far this year.
Troopers 16/7/17 Huge Dendrodis Limbada
Ferry Ramp 12/6/17 Pink Sea Fan
Cheval Rock 10/6/17 Dredging
Les Caines 6/7/16 Dorothy Anemones
Polka 6/7/16 Pink Sea Fans
Minesweeper 4/7/16 Cray Fish & Mercury
Corbiére 4/7/16 Nudibranch & Pink Sea Fan colony reported
Tug Boat 2/7/16 Huge Bib shoal
Rock Barge 2/7/16
Petit Noir, Écrehous 9/7/17 Black Bream, Cuttle & Nudibranch
St Aubins Bay 13/6/17 Nudibranch
N. of Grande Noir Écrehous Dredging
Unidentified anemone

Eubranchus farrani4 January 2017 St Catherine's - end of slip
Kevin & James
Water temperature 9. Visibility 3-5m.
Unidentified Anemone still awaiting identification.
Nudibranch Eubranchus farrani.
Lots of Trumpet Anemones

Gem Anemone8 January 2017 Rozel harbour
Kevin & Hayley
Water temperature 9. Visibility 3-5m. Beautiful Gem Anemones
Montagu Blenny, Ragged sponge, Strawberry Anemones, Beadlet, Sea Mat on Serrated Wrack

Long tailed Scorpion Fish20 January 2017 Bouley Bay - slip
Kevin & Hayley
Water temperature 8. Visibility 3-5m. Lobsters and Edible Crab. Scorpion fish amongst Boulders. Little Cuttle, Hermit crabs. Spider crab sp. & mating Velvet Swimming Crabs


Sea Hare 22 January 2017 Greve D'Lecq - East side
Kevin & James
Water temperature 8. Visibility 5m. Lots of surge but no current!
Juvenile Sea Hare, Sea Oak, Kelp Park, Sea Mat, Little Cuttle, Lace sponge.

Flabellina pedata etc25 January 2017 Le Petit Portelet
Water temperature 8. Visibility 5m plus.
Huge variety of sponges, Sea squirts, Bryozoans and Hydroids
Flabellina pedata on frame. Seagrass bed, Daisy Anemones and Sabella sp. Feather Duster worm. Two spot Goby.

Upcoming Events
Minquiérs- Pipettes (Marine Biology Group members only) April 1st, £25. Booking essential with Chantelle De Gruchy.
Alderney Saturday, August 12th to Tuesday, August 15th Reef Survey Thursday, August 17th to Sunday, August 20th.
Observer Workshop Bouley Bay Dive Centre: Friday Evening , June 2nd to Sunday, June 4th.